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Sign Shares provides a business model in a human industry, built on the philosophy that effective communication is essential to all people, to quality of life in every community. Each and every day, there are planned events and emergency situations, where communication is essential. Likewise, each and every day, Sign Shares expertise is there, ready to respond.

In 1986, before the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law, Sign Shares began providing sign language and oral interpreting services. At the time, service providers were singularly focused on deafness, providing a social service. People were identified by their “dis-ability” and sought to “refer” rather than focus responsibly on objectives.

The first of it’s kind, Sign Shares changed the way we look at services by providing professional services to diverse organizations and communities, to people who can hear with people who are deaf, deaf and blind and with those who are hard of hearing.

Sign Shares expanded the scope of service, looking at activities of daily living. We continue to pioneer, entering fields of study and industry never before served.

Over 20 years, Sign Shares has continuously met an increasing demand, accommodating a myriad of clientele and consumers in every walk of life. Sign Shares has the ability to provide qualified personnel to fill virtually every client request, no matter the nature of the assignment or advance notice, despite well documented shortages nationwide. Our dependability has been exceptional as our business plan anticipates service needs and technology well into the future. Not only do we identify existing resources, we monitor developing resources, further training interpreters in specific language and protocol of client entities, monitoring the advancement and cost of new technologies, while managing payables, receivables and expenditures as conservatively as possible.

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We provide communication services to those in top levels of government and industry, highly secure and technical in nature, we provide services to those in the mainstream as well as to those who have been less fortunate and those who may have limited formal language. Our pursuit of resources qualified in tri lingual (English/ASL/Spanish) interpreting, the ability to serve people whose language is Mexican Sign Language and our ability to provide Certified Deaf Interpreters, qualified Intermediaries and deaf blind interpreters, offers communication with those previously unserved or severely under served. We also have the capability to coordinate and provide services through web based and secure video conferencing technology.

Sign Shares is committed to managing day to day services responsibly, with full consideration of community, regional differences and local resources. Sign Shares Service Coordinators focus on services provided in their local communities, coordinating either Community Services which fluctuate on a daily basis or Educational services provided to faculty and students on multiple campuses. With us, it is about cost effective management of services and schedules with concern for qualification and confidentiality. Looking at service volume and qualifications needed on any given day, managing schedules, only sharing certain information with those who need to know, results in dependable, quality services when life happens, efficient and confidential, with services provided at a reasonable cost.

Sign Shares corporate office is located in Houston, Texas at 99 Detering, Suite 160 in the Finger Companies Building where Ms. Deborah Gunter, Chief Executive Officer, Randy Gunter, Chief Financial Officer and Sign Shares administrative support staff are located. In order to provide a cost effective service, all finance and administrative functions for the corporation are performed in the Houston office.

Sign Shares Seattle, registered in the State of Washington, opened in the Summer of 2005 to serve the Pacific Northwest. Ms. Diana Friesen, familiar with service providers, communities and client specific protocol, directs services provided through Sign Shares Seattle. Medical, corporate and educational clientele throughout the Pacific Northwest are enthusiastic about Sign Shares local presence. Sign Shares Seattle also contracts with the State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services for provision of services to a network of State supported agencies.

We have built a network of service providers who are well educated, whose training experience and work history qualify them for specialty areas and those who perform in a responsible and professional manner. The Americans with Disabilities Act, brought about referral service entities in every community. The volume of services and the cost to society has made provision of communication access services increasingly competitive. Consumers are more savvy, they feel entitled and may or may not have “reasonable” expectations. Now, more than ever, knowing how best to provide accommodation for the success of the client with quality services to consumers, takes knowledge and experience, integrity and dependability. Sign Shares has all of that!