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"Sign Shares brings a business structure to the coordination of interpreter services, encouraging a diverse and objective source for determination of placement, allowing interpreters the freedom to use professional judgement within a confidential service delivery system."
Diana Friesen,
Director, Sign Shares Seattle


Administrative Staff and Interpreters working for Sign Shares are the best! They are chosen for their qualification, professionalism and integrity. It is not simply who is available to provide the service, but more importantly, who is the most qualified person available for a given situation. Sign Shares is intent on identifying resources to make available appropriately qualified individuals for each and every request.

The bottom line is, we need you even if you only work one assignment in a year, no matter if you live in an urban area or live in a remote community.

Sign Shares is interested in having a professional, working relationship with you. We encourage each of you to Register With Us, let us know your individual qualifications and when and how it may be appropriate to make contact with you.

Diversity is important, background and training, education and areas of expertise. Each and every individual carries a unique dictionary and personal skills. Certification is often seen as qualification but certification is only one indicator. Sign Shares wants to know what makes you “qualified” in any of 1500 client venues. We want to know your education and training, areas of expertise, where you have had experience, your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing best placement makes for satisfied interpreters and satisfied customers.

Feedback determines levels of satisfaction further assisting us with appropriate placement options. It is not unusual for Sign Shares to provide mentoring in client protocol to qualify for a specific venue. We appreciate the dedication and ongoing education currently required for professionals working in the field and continually reach out for the best and brightest individuals!

Sign Shares is always in need of additional resources, constantly identifying qualified individuals, monitoring and promoting advancement within the profession. In order to maintain standards and increase availability of qualified interpreters, Sign Shares offers Apprentice Positions and ongoing mentoring of interpreters for client specific venues and specialty fields.

Thank you for your interest in Sign Shares. Please complete our Registration Form to offer services.