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Sign Language and Oral Interpreting and Transliteration Services

  • English / American Sign Language Interpretation
  • English / English Based Sign Language Transliteration (MCE, SEE II, Signing Conceptual English, etc.)
  • Oral Transliteration
  • Theatrical / Special Event Translation and Presentation
  • Spanish / American Sign Language / English Trilingual Interpreting Services
  • Deaf Blind Tactile or Close Vision Services
  • Sight Translation

Provision of Services Includes:
Intake to determine client specific protocol, service levels required for effective communication, consideration for cost containment and risk management.

Identification and recruitment of qualified professionals for direct service provision. This includes, but is not limited to, documentation of: Certification, language fluency, education and experience, specialty training, service area, exposure to client specific terminology, professional recruiting; screening and selection, contract development and confirmation.

Documentation of service history and account administration, monthly accounting and invoicing for services rendered, time and labor management.

Intermediary Services

  • Certified Deaf Interpreter Services (CDI)
  • Foreign Sign Language Intermediary Services
  • Minimal Language and Gestural Communications

Voice to Text or Written Language Services

  • Computer Aided Real Time Reporting (C.A.R.T.)
  • C Print
  • Note taking
Medical Specialty Services
  • Serious or Complex Medical Consultations and Procedures
  • Advanced Communications with Physicians and Healthcare Providers
  • Medical or Bio Medical Degree Programs
  • 24 hour emergency coverage
  • Interpretation for “Informed Consent” for treatment or disclosure of health information

Legal Specialty Services

  • Interpreting and Transliteration of Legal Documents
  • Interpreting and Transliteration for Legal Consultations
  • Municipal, State and District Court Proceedings

Educational Services

  • Admissions and testing
  • Orientation, interviews, conferences, ARD meetings, commencements and special events, etc.
  • Educational coursework
  • Human Resources and EEO
  • Substitute service provision
  • Translation and production of educational materials
  • Extra curricular activities

Service Consulting

  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • “Reasonable Accommodation” and “qualified” as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)
  • In Service Training on effective communication strategies
  • Effective Community Program Planning to include persons who are Deaf or hard of hearing

Compliance Contract Services

  • Service agreement for ADA compliance requirements

Training and Development

  • Internships to match required coursework for sign language interpreting degree programs
  • Apprenticeship programs for entry level, advanced language or specialty
  • Medical Specialty
  • Legal Specialty
  • Mentorships
  • Hands on language and protocol training in client specific venues
  • Staff Development
  • Evaluation of work skills
  • Language specific training